Neo Ecomax System

Neo Ecomax System

Neo Ecomax is the most economical Modular Panel System for Verticals


Neo Ecomax is used for all types of Vertical Structures like Column, Retaining Wall, Core Wall, Circular wall etc..


Neo Ecomax Panels come pre-fixed with Birch Film Faced plywood and are assembled by Connecting Clamps. Tie Rod is inserted in the provision given in the Panel and fixed with Anchor Nut to make the total system ready.


  • Neo Ecomax Panels are all universal and thus enables to adjust the panel to any size depending on the structure requirement
  • Neo Ecomax Panels are designed for Max. Concrete Pressure of 60 kn/m2 thus avoiding the wallers in the system
  •  Neo Ecomax Panels comes with Standard Panel sizes of : 1200mm & 1500mm and 400mm, 500mm, 600mm & 750mm in width.
  • Neo Ecomax panel weights only 35kgs/m2 and can be easily manually handled thus avoiding the use of the Crane
  • All the Panels comes with Powder coated for the longer durability


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